Thirty Things I’ve Learned about Being God’s Beloved

I accepted a wonderful invitation to write a guest post in honor of Sarah McCartens‘s 30th birthday celebration. I met her through a story community- #Story101 with EloraNicole. Sarah invited her friends to join in writing 30 things they’ve learned, accepted, discovered, found, or know about life, living, and being. I loved this idea and knew I wanted wanted to write a post!

So, today I’ll be sharing my favorite things (words) all having to do with love, being, acceptance, and belonging. I hope you enjoy 30 things I’ve learned about being God’s Beloved. You can say them aloud with me. Be empowered because you are precious.

Pink Flower Burst
Pink Flower Burst
  1. I am fearfully and wonderfully made – a unique creation– and beautifully attractive because I am redeemed (Psalm 139).
  2. Nothing I can do will make God love me less.
  3. My dreams matter to the Creator, and He has really good plans for me.
  4. Experiences in life are not wasted.
  5. I am loved most ardently, and I belong.

Come on over and read the rest of my 30 Things @SarahMcCarten‘s blog – my new story-sister-writing-friend!

Maybe you have a story to tell what you’ve learned along the way of life. I’d love to hear about it.


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