The Call

female statue jennifer upton
Photo by Jennifer Upton

In the Story Sessions community, women come together from every walk of life to share the writing journey. No woman is left to wander alone. We surround one another with affirmation, hope, swift-kick-motivation, and hearts that listen and embrace the whole of members. We also write.

Last week our write-in prompt was a photo of a female statue. Here is my poem/song, written for the women who dream, build, bridge, and press in to community.

The Call

There is a song
Waiting to be heard
There are whispers
Longing to arise
These are your thoughts
Waiting to be born
Don’t be afraid
To bare your soul in grace

There are the words
wrestling in your soul
No longer can you hide
Come step out in the light
May darkness flee
And shadows turn to dust
You’re not alone
Don’t believe the lie

Hear the Lion roar
“Beloved time to rise”
Your spirit longs to soar
Just spread your wings and fly
This is sacred ground
Where barren hearts  spring life

Don’t be afraid
We welcome you with open arms
We’ll even hold your hands
When you want to turn and walk away
Sister don’t be afraid

Now is the time
We’ll welcome you with open arms
And help you run this race

Daughter, now arise
Time to rise

Listen to the song :: click the image below.

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