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The Story Matters

It’s Real Talk Tuesday time, and this week our theme is: “Why the Story Matters.” Let that sink in for a moment. What is the story you’ve been hiding? Where are the words crackling like fire in your bones? Have you taken on self-imposed silence? Why?

Beloved, I want you to know your story matters. It is your history. It doesn’t always have to define you. It doesn’t always have to have the final say. It doesn’t have to mar your hope for the future. You can reframe the story.

This past spring I took a class called Mending the Soul, and it’s changed my life from the inside out. So much so that it was the impetus for a book I wrote (more on that later). What I found most intriguing is that I learned to lean in to hard truths, to allow myself space to breathe between the pause and the pain. All of my story matters, even the broken pieces I thought unredeemable. Every line, crease, wrinkle, tear up, mess, and everything in between matters. God sees the whole of my story and has not turned His back on me. If anything, He keeps leaning into my life story to reframe my perspective as I’ve become more willing to live in truth. Continue reading The Story Matters