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Shadow Keeper

shadow keeper marvia davidson 1

She was a shadow keeper
Hidden in the hush of quiet
A dreamer bright with
Living hopes and silent dreams

She was a door keeper
Closed off behind a veil of separation
A child slighted by cruel words
Backward glances and doubting ears

 shadow keeper 3 marvia davidson 2
She was a wound keeper
Sheltered in the cleft of broken bearing
A shattered heart with
Unspoken pain and smoldering embers

She was a sword-war keeper
Violently thrashing in her own bottled way
A bleeding warrior pierced
by the unbecoming and betraying embrace

shadow keeper marvia davidson 3

She is a story keeper
wholly embracing all of life
A woman on fire
With lovely chards of
Healing written across the sky

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Women of Godly Purpose

Dan Miller once wrote, “if you know  where you are going, you can respond to priorities rather than circumstances.  Develop a long-term perspective…”  I like that idea.

I can respond from a place of priority.  My circumstances, your circumstances, anyone’s circumstance have NO right to dictate our choices nor the vision we have so widely cast for our lives.  So let us choose from a place of priority and not circumstances.  I’m done with that old life and the old way of thinking.  It has held me back far too long.

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