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No Stranger to Stress and Strain

Mind blown tonight as I listened to Jim Richards speak at Gateway Singles ministry on pain, heartache, and looking up to recover the gaze.

WoW! This message was super intense – and then this thought …

Christ is no stranger to stress and insurmountable odds.

He didn’t fake it till he could make it.  His emotions were real and raw.  He acknowledged the depths of his heart-wrecking to His Father.  Look at Gethsemane (Christ praying before his crucifixion)  – the Man, the Son of God broke a blood-sweat!  That’s how intense the tension in His heart was, the stress and strain so overwhelming that His body physically expressed the severe inner turmoil – blood vessels bursting from the pressure of what was about to happen.  Maybe you’ve been there too.  You may not have sweated blood, but maybe you know that kind of crushing, immobilizing stress – the kind that stops you nearly dead in your track rendering you incapable of moving forward.  Hold faith beloved.  Be encouraged.

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