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Art Everyday Month – Day 11

me art marvia davidsonRemember Whose You Are

We are intricately designed and utterly unique.  No two of us are alike.  Our lives toss and turn, ebb and flow, traversing hills and valleys.  We are who we are who we really are.  Did you catch that?

When I think about art tonight, I realize many times I come “blank.” There seems to be nothing to offer, no paint to spill, no comfort to design, or no recipe to bake.

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Art Everyday Month Day 10



We were made to move. To grow. To develop. To mature. To be. Challenges often make it difficult to do many of the things that are good for us.

Steven Pressfield calls it resistance in his book The War of Art. I am inclined to agree. To do the art that stirs your soul to soar requires will, action, and fighting (the internal struggle to keep moving forward despite the fear, lack of support, or obstacles).

Maybe you have felt it too. I know I have. Sometimes the art we make isn’t fashioned with brushes, or paints, or canvas. Sometimes the art we create is with our words.

It may be the way we craft a story or the way we sing the song. It may even be spoken word or musical melodies. It’s still an art. It is art we need.

Have you been crafty lately? Have you desired to make and create but not able to do so? Perhaps the challenge now is to simply fight the human inclination to make excuses or to throw on the towel.

The story of our art matters. Let us get bolder. Let us get fearless. Let us be emboldened to embrace the spark, the muse, the passion, and the fire.

May you overcome every challenge you face. May your confidence grow. May you find a blessing being the unique artist you were always meant to be.

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Art Everyday Month