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Shadow Keeper

shadow keeper marvia davidson 1

She was a shadow keeper
Hidden in the hush of quiet
A dreamer bright with
Living hopes and silent dreams

She was a door keeper
Closed off behind a veil of separation
A child slighted by cruel words
Backward glances and doubting ears

 shadow keeper 3 marvia davidson 2
She was a wound keeper
Sheltered in the cleft of broken bearing
A shattered heart with
Unspoken pain and smoldering embers

She was a sword-war keeper
Violently thrashing in her own bottled way
A bleeding warrior pierced
by the unbecoming and betraying embrace

shadow keeper marvia davidson 3

She is a story keeper
wholly embracing all of life
A woman on fire
With lovely chards of
Healing written across the sky

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Fearless Footwear

Though I’ve only known Melinda for less than a handful of months, I love how she tells a story.  I think you will too.  I first met her through Story Sessions, and I am grateful to have her sharing her beautiful words on pressing in beautiful, fearless footwear.


You know what I enjoy most about having a love affair with shoes?

I can be outside of my goal weight, sporting a dull, blemished complexion with grey, wiry roots popping right out of my hairline- but the confidence that comes from wearing the right pair of shoes just cannot be ignored.

My shoes ground me. They speak of my presence and my purpose. They are what express my posture and my confidence. Now, before you go thinking about how silly that confidence is, let me tell you how I arrived here.

I was a master-colorist working in the salon; I was the go-to girl for color corrections, the specialist. And let me tell you, I have seen it all: The blonde highlights turned green; the at-home bleaching disasters; the medium brown that turned out black; the poodle perms; the chemical haircuts and the brand new redhead whose husband hated it. I’ve seen it all and fixed it all. Continue reading Fearless Footwear

Five Minute Friday:: Last

Bubbling Heart
Bubbling Heart


It doesn’t seem like a loaded word, but for me “last” is coming in fast and quick. It’s been loaded with goodness, grace, redefining, and purifying. My thoughts about my life being last have changed. My thoughts about dreams being last have changed. My thoughts on making my goals last have changed. They are no longer last. They are no longer ignored as though they didn’t matter. Continue reading Five Minute Friday:: Last