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Still You Are Here

gentle marvia davidsonSo I’m writing a book, a second memoir of sorts.  It’s been an interesting process and also emotionally exhausting.  I’ve rediscovered and also uncovered new things about life, faith, and pressing in to life.  None of the writing has been easy, but I think it has been worth it to dig in to the whole truth hidden behind doors.  Of course, writing memoir can take a lot of a person.  Be gentle with yourself. Sometimes you come to the page blank.  Words won’t come.  You’re staring at a blank screen.  Nothing is making sense.  I had that moment the other day. Continue reading Still You Are Here

My Favorite Keys

Favorite Keys
Favorite Keys

Volume. Shift. Eject. Enter/Return. Delete. Arrow up. Arrow down. Arrow left. Arrow right. These are a few of my favorite computer keys. I could write volumes about each of these words. Expound on their definitions. Divide the etymological meaning. Contemplate the hefty thoughts for each. I won’t do that here because, well, that would defeat the purpose of post brevity.

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Demanding Notice

So Much Social
So Much Social

We live in a world constantly screaming me, me, me. Forcing our hands in the competitive air, we demand to be seen. We demand to be heard. We demand to be noticed.  We demand.

The air is noisy – filled with the roaring hum of egos that refuse to be silent.  They assert their souls across our boundaries line making us doubt our own sanity and purpose.

A quiet must come.

A stillness must reign.

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