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I Made the Mistake…

Of looking into another’s lane.  Bad move.  I lost my footing.  Lost my ground.  Got turned around.  I made the mistake – one so very fatal – comparison.  It can strike at any time while on the journey to your dream.  Perhaps that’s what need to happen to us sometimes to help us catch hold of our God and His vision for us – the one we keep thinking is too big to pursue.  But, it is worth it.  I’m preaching to the choir here because I find myself in unchartered territories.  Nothing here is making any near or remote kind of sense.  It is out of the galaxy of my mind.  Here, there, and everywhere are dreams bursting and making  difference.  And here I am…silent.  Wondering, waiting, talking myself down from the ledge of success.  The dream is bigger than me.  The burgeoning reality of the dream is frightful.  How can it be pursued if I know not its direction?  Is this that moment to take it and make it fly?  Is this the time to risk?

One Road Two Paths by Marvia Davidson
One Road Two Paths

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Look Up; Your Savior Comes

I was reminded of the story when Jesus walked on the water in the storm (Matt. 14:22-33).  The disciples were very afraid.  Jesus got into the boat, and all became still.  Do we recognize the Shepherd walking toward us?  Or do we get caught up in our circumstances bemoaning the tangible presence of God?  I don’t know about you, but I am reminded through thick and thin, pain and goodness, fat and lean – God is with me.

I don’t always have tangible evidence, but I do have faith that He IS with me.  It is forever promise (Hebrews 13:5).  I still dare to believe that God is true to His eternal word.  I’m in a storm right now.  Are you?  We are not alone.  More of us are hitting the lows than the highs, but keep faithing it.  It’s only for a little while.  While I’m in the midst of waves crashing over my head and all around me, my perspective is changing.  My boat is violently rocking in the sea of life.  At times it seems I’m sinking, but then I hear the whisper of the God saying, “Look up, look up.  Your Savior comes.”  All I can picture now is Jesus walking in the storm – into the middle of my mess of a life.  Yes!  He’s walking toward me, and every step He takes humbles my heart to worship our big God who entered our world to restore the chaos.  Christ, our redemption, has come.  He is master over wind and wave.  Nothing is too difficult for him.

Pastor Debbie Morris once said, “the waves that are over my head are under the master’s feet” (Morris, 2012).  So I can be tell my soul to be still.  This is such a comfort.  Even now in the storm I can say, “God, I’ll trust you.”  He is my Rock, Refuge, and Fortress.  He will bring peace to your situation because He IS peace, and His peace is in you.  Consider this verse, “He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is fixed on Him” (Isaiah 26:3).  No matter what your situation is, trust God.  Stand on His promises. Speak truth and life to your circumstances.  The Savior has come to rescue you.

Trust and believe.


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