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Though Your Footsteps Were Not Seen

heart recall marvia davidsonCrying, Crying out
Here, I am in distress
There is no solace
My eyes grow weary
I cannot find comfort.

Too troubled to speak
I lie upon this bed, weeping.
Heart Meditating
Will I always be rejected?
Where is His unfailing love?
Has mercy fled my life?

Oh! I must make appeal
Heart, you must remember!
Soul, recall the mighty deeds.
There is none greater than God.
He has not forgotten.
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God Arise

God Arise Marvia DavidsonI have said this before: I love the Psalms. They speak hope into this right-now-life. They are hope. They are life affirming. They are faith building. What rings true today is how “God sets the solitary in families. He brings out those who are bound into prosperity” (NKJV 945).

I have a family by blood. I love them dearly, but this other family in which He has set me is a story family, a networking family, and dream-building family. They have been a healing balm, a reminder of hope, and grace beyond measure. They have taught me to prosper in barren places, and now life springs. I have a soul-prosperity like never before because God has spoken truth to me through my community.

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When I Think of Justice – Psalm 64 Reflections

Sanctuary in Euless, Texas
Sanctuary in Euless, Texas

When I think of justice, I remember the mercy of God. None of us have we received truly what we deserve – a final judgment, no reprieve, no last minute stay-of-execution, no halting the gas, and no second chance. I think of the Old Testament and how judgment came to the people because of their disobedience. It’s the consequence for sin in this world – death. But it is not just a physical death we suffer. It is a death that is deep, spiritual, and gut wrenching. It is a death that causes the stench of our lives wherever we go, and when we look back at the wreckage we see the damage we have done. We ALL deserve just judgment, but now we have grace. It is a grace purchased for us by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ who took on our sin; paying a penalty-debt we had no hope of settling. On the cross justice was served.

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