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Faltering Faith

The Lord on high is mightier
Than the noise of many waters,
Than the mighty waves of the sea.
Psalm 93

shimmer marvia davidsonSometimes my faith is shaken, not rock solid.  Sometimes I forget my God and His mighty power at work in my life and the world around me.

He is still good.
He is still Sovereign.
He is still with me.

Sometimes, though, I forget.  I get caught up in the world, the turmoil, the brokenness.  My heart begins to beat faster.  Fear nearly swallows me whole.  Maybe you’ve been there too.

Life is going quite well.  In an instant you are overrun by thoughts of catastrophe, wicked ends, and insidious lies. Falling apart, restless, disgruntled, even perturbed you secretly wish to rail against God.  You want things to be better.  You can’t stand the evil, the injustice, or the fears.

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He Found It in Me

Female Statue Fountain-Photo By Jennifer Upton
I have followed God since I was a little girl. He and I met when I was 8 years old. I was so excited, filled with wonder, and on fire to tell my friends about the hope I had found in Jesus. He caught my heart, and hasn’t let me go. It hasn’t always been an easy walk. There was no bed of roses, but He has never left me nor forsaken me. He has stayed with me in every high and every low.

God has shown himself faithful even when I had moments of faithlessness. When my soul was in the depths of searing hurt and bitter darkness, He found me. He set my feet on solid ground, gave me Light, and restored my soul.

When I ponder Psalm 87, my mind thinks of the glory – the weight of His presence and the unfolding of His goodness found over my life. What stands out to me most are these words, “This one and that one were born in her; and the Most High Himself shall establish her” (NKJV 969). It may not seem like much at first when you’re identity-stuck, not remembering Whose you are, or trying to fit a worldly-man-made mold. Identity has been a struggle for me for years. Pretending, hiding, shirking authenticity, and beating around the bush were my go-to tactics for avoiding the truth – that I was fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139) and that God founded in me a good work (Ephesians 2).

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God Arise

God Arise Marvia DavidsonI have said this before: I love the Psalms. They speak hope into this right-now-life. They are hope. They are life affirming. They are faith building. What rings true today is how “God sets the solitary in families. He brings out those who are bound into prosperity” (NKJV 945).

I have a family by blood. I love them dearly, but this other family in which He has set me is a story family, a networking family, and dream-building family. They have been a healing balm, a reminder of hope, and grace beyond measure. They have taught me to prosper in barren places, and now life springs. I have a soul-prosperity like never before because God has spoken truth to me through my community.

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Psalm 67 A Calming Balm

Bless Us
Bless Us


The Psalms are one of my favorite books in the bible.  I read them and find hope.  I contemplate them and find peace.  I speak them and recall promise.  Psalm 67 reminds me of the benevolent love of God.  We have the opportunity to participate in the display of His goodness – a witness, lives point upward. The writer of this psalm encourages to the reader to praise, praise, praise.  It shows the world how good God is.


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Psalm 66 – Pause, Wonder, and Praise

He Is With me marvia davidson
He Is With me marvia davidson

Broken in the journey. Purged clean in the fire. Not easy words to cozy up to when you’re following God with all your heart and your world collapses, and Psalm 66 reminds me that life isn’t perfect, but God still is with me. I waver. I falter. I hang by a thread of faith, but God is not deterred, and He does not leave me alone. He’s there – with me in the silence, in the broken, in the fire-storm. Continue reading Psalm 66 – Pause, Wonder, and Praise