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A Love Letter to Those Who Wish to Rise

dreams m davidsonI didn’t always believe in my dreams.  I found it much easier to tag along with other people’s dreams.  They seemed so vibrant, so promising, so intriguing.  The way that went after them with fire was inspiring to me.  I tried ceaselessly to fan their flame my way, to embers burning dimly.

Sister, mother, friend, brother, you need to know, and so do I.  We have beautiful beginnings birthing in each one of us.  We have a creative bent unique to each one of us.

Today, I choose to believe in my dreams, my words, my creativity.  Will you choose with me? For yourself?

I’m over at the Story Sessions today with a love letter to those who wish to rise. Come read the rest, and find your embrace. Your words are welcome.

You, sister, you will rise.

Sometimes I fear {Thoughtful Thursday}


peace promise marvia davidsonSometimes the words we write carry eternal weight.  So today I’m sharing words I’ve written before because the message was timely five years ago; and it’s still relevant today.

There’s been frenzied-frantic-freak-out talk these last few weeks about the world, the economy, and life in general. I’ve been thinking how it’s so easy to get caught up in the storms raging around us that we lose sight of who and what is most important to us.

Government can’t solve our problems. People can’t solve all problems. They’re fickle and finite, and their efforts–at best are only temporal. Continue reading Sometimes I fear {Thoughtful Thursday}


poppies marvia davidsonGiggles and joys.
Heavy heaves and soulful sighs.
Bright mornings and cool evenings.
Highs and lows with everything in between.
I am grateful for all these things.

I think what has come was born from the broken places.
Where weeds once sprouted, I now find flowers.
Where dirt and earth once refused to give away,
I now find softened under my feet.

Grace has kept me.
Love has led me.
Hope has lifted me.

I am grateful. Continue reading Grateful

Living in the Advent Whisper

Candle Ceremony marvia davidson

Waiting, hoping, and wondering.  They clung to a hope they could not see.  They believed a promise that seemed impossible.  They kept their faith even when things were dreadfully bleak.  They waited.

These saints of old waited for the promise.  The King would come and set things right.  This is the essence of Advent – an expectant, unwavering, hope-filled waiting.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like to have such deep expectation for a promise and not live long enough to see it come to fruition.  However, men and women of God didn’t give up.  They chose to believe their Advent King would come.

Continue reading Living in the Advent Whisper


In the way of meandering, we come to find ourselves.  Is it our beginning or our end?  We come to them quite often.  The journey is replete with surprise, pain, arduous truth confrontations, and facing the music.  Still today, I am thinking about change.  Momentum.  Moving forward.  Along the way of meandering I find, pebbles and stones.  Some over which I trip.  Some I stop and pick up, while others I hurl violently against the wind.  Meandering aimlessly.  Purposefully. At cross-purposes.  This is that journey of becoming, of being, of realizing, of wrestling…

In the way of meandering, I find I’m lost but found.  Weaving, dodging, accepting, denying–these are all part and parcel of this walk.  Senseless sometimes?  Yes.  Worth it all?  Yes.  This I believe.  There’s no turning back.  There is only the option of moving forward, of traversing the bumpy road, of scaling the steep mountain.  This is the journey every man must take.  I pray that in the way of meandering, He find me there.  Rescue.  That He lead me forward.

So here’s a little something to consider for today:

Isaiah 43

2 When you go through deep waters,
I will be with you.
When you go through rivers of difficulty,
you will not drown.
When you walk through the fire of oppression,
you will not be burned up;
the flames will not consume you. (NLT)

His promise is with me.  I am not alone, and there’s no reason to fear.  He leads me peacefully.  It is not a matter of if, but when, and is promise is that He is with me.  This is more than enough.  Even in what seems like meaningless meandering, God is there–with me.