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Demanding Notice

So Much Social
So Much Social

We live in a world constantly screaming me, me, me. Forcing our hands in the competitive air, we demand to be seen. We demand to be heard. We demand to be noticed.  We demand.

The air is noisy – filled with the roaring hum of egos that refuse to be silent.  They assert their souls across our boundaries line making us doubt our own sanity and purpose.

A quiet must come.

A stillness must reign.

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Women of Godly Purpose

Dan Miller once wrote, “if you know  where you are going, you can respond to priorities rather than circumstances.  Develop a long-term perspective…”  I like that idea.

I can respond from a place of priority.  My circumstances, your circumstances, anyone’s circumstance have NO right to dictate our choices nor the vision we have so widely cast for our lives.  So let us choose from a place of priority and not circumstances.  I’m done with that old life and the old way of thinking.  It has held me back far too long.

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