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Truth for Today

i hear you marvia davidsonLife is often crazy. I have found that though I should pray more during these times, I usually don’t. I might barely offer up the “emergency toss up prayer” and go on about the business of living; but this is not living the abundant life in Christ.

God cares about the every-day-ordinary-mundane events of our lives. Nothing gets past Him, and nothing goes unnoticed; so it would make sense then to tell Him everything; but I don’t always do that. Continue reading Truth for Today

When I Think of Justice – Psalm 64 Reflections

Sanctuary in Euless, Texas
Sanctuary in Euless, Texas

When I think of justice, I remember the mercy of God. None of us have we received truly what we deserve – a final judgment, no reprieve, no last minute stay-of-execution, no halting the gas, and no second chance. I think of the Old Testament and how judgment came to the people because of their disobedience. It’s the consequence for sin in this world – death. But it is not just a physical death we suffer. It is a death that is deep, spiritual, and gut wrenching. It is a death that causes the stench of our lives wherever we go, and when we look back at the wreckage we see the damage we have done. We ALL deserve just judgment, but now we have grace. It is a grace purchased for us by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ who took on our sin; paying a penalty-debt we had no hope of settling. On the cross justice was served.

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And Even in This, Lord, Have Mercy

When we feel, we feel deeply.

There are no words for the sorrow and anguish in the wake of devastation that has happened in Moore.  There are no words I can carry to soothe those broken souls in Granbury or West or Boston.

The losses are heavy, overwhelming, and too much for any human heart to bear. We all feel this hurt, this pain.  It is deep cutting to the soul.  I have nothing to offer but my prayers and the hope that light will shine again amidst the darkness.

Photo by Jennifer Upton
Photo by Jennifer Upton

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A Blessing for the Beloved

I am a writer.  I am one of many.  And I’m totally okay that my writing may not “fit” anything typical.  Authenticity is beautiful.  This past weekend I attended what will go down in my life’s history as one of the more transformative retreats I’ve ever attended.  It was marked with fire, purpose, vision-casting, and lively community.

Woman Placing Palms Together
Photo credit Microsoft Clipart

I am a member of Story 1o1/Story Sessions with Elora Nicole.  When I began my journey, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted.  I only knew I wanted to write, and write, and write.  But … I wanted to be in community.  Joining Story 101 was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my life.  I’ll share more on that experience later.  For today, I want to share with you a blessing on being the beloved – birthed from a moment of Shalom with BrandyGlows

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