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Still You Are Here

gentle marvia davidsonSo I’m writing a book, a second memoir of sorts.  It’s been an interesting process and also emotionally exhausting.  I’ve rediscovered and also uncovered new things about life, faith, and pressing in to life.  None of the writing has been easy, but I think it has been worth it to dig in to the whole truth hidden behind doors.  Of course, writing memoir can take a lot of a person.  Be gentle with yourself. Sometimes you come to the page blank.  Words won’t come.  You’re staring at a blank screen.  Nothing is making sense.  I had that moment the other day. Continue reading Still You Are Here


poppies marvia davidsonGiggles and joys.
Heavy heaves and soulful sighs.
Bright mornings and cool evenings.
Highs and lows with everything in between.
I am grateful for all these things.

I think what has come was born from the broken places.
Where weeds once sprouted, I now find flowers.
Where dirt and earth once refused to give away,
I now find softened under my feet.

Grace has kept me.
Love has led me.
Hope has lifted me.

I am grateful. Continue reading Grateful

Psalm 67 A Calming Balm

Bless Us
Bless Us


The Psalms are one of my favorite books in the bible.  I read them and find hope.  I contemplate them and find peace.  I speak them and recall promise.  Psalm 67 reminds me of the benevolent love of God.  We have the opportunity to participate in the display of His goodness – a witness, lives point upward. The writer of this psalm encourages to the reader to praise, praise, praise.  It shows the world how good God is.


Continue reading Psalm 67 A Calming Balm

Psalm 66 – Pause, Wonder, and Praise

He Is With me marvia davidson
He Is With me marvia davidson

Broken in the journey. Purged clean in the fire. Not easy words to cozy up to when you’re following God with all your heart and your world collapses, and Psalm 66 reminds me that life isn’t perfect, but God still is with me. I waver. I falter. I hang by a thread of faith, but God is not deterred, and He does not leave me alone. He’s there – with me in the silence, in the broken, in the fire-storm. Continue reading Psalm 66 – Pause, Wonder, and Praise

Heart-Wrecking Words and Letting Go

“Who is this who darkens counsel 
by words without knowledge?  Now prepare yourself like a man; 
I will question you, and you shall answer Me.” Job 38:2 (NLT 341)

Copr. Jennifer Upton
Copr. Jennifer Upton

Heart-wrecking words spoken by God to Job after Job lost his children and his fortune.  Job spoke harshly of his circumstances, but he refused to curse God.  Only Elihu spoke of God’s goodness, justice, mercy, and grace.  Even what Elihu spoke, in chapters 32-37, to Job was prophetic in what came when God showed up face-to-face with Job. Continue reading Heart-Wrecking Words and Letting Go