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Art Everyday Month – Day 13

The Start
The Start


The Process

Art reflects the realities of living out the everyday, ordinary mundane. Art is not instant. It is a labor-intensive process of forming something from nothing. It is lines, creases, wrinkles, textures, colors, and erasures. For me art is also revision, editing, and ceasing for a moment to survey the birth of an idea.

Sometimes art is the whisper of abandon. It is the silence of the undone. It is the sudden realization that we cannot finish as we might have planned.

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An App Can Do That?

Voice Matters

I recently stumbled upon a not so new app called Voxer. It’s a walkie talkie app for smart phones. Well, let’s just say its worth the download. While I know it’s just an app, it poignantly reminded me of the power of hearing the human voice.

There is something magical to hearing a voice and matching it to a face that settles the heart and encourages the soul. Voice does so much for us. It calms, reminds, steadies, edifies, and connects.

I think of the psalmist and how often the refrain was “God heard” my voice. Well,The Lord heard my voice. We hear you. I hear you.

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Wonder and Pain

The television is on.  Noise is on.  The background noise increases.  It has its own ebb and flow.  It drowns.  It colors.  It stains.  But when the off-switch hits, the deafening silence aches in the echo.  No amount of sound soothes silence, and maybe that’s okay. What’s not okay is when we try to stifle the beating in our own hearts.  What’s not okay is when we turn up the volume of life around us just so we don’t have to face the truth.

Hope Glimmers
Hope Glimmers

Truth isn’t always pretty.  You can only ignore it for so long before your world comes crashing to a halt.  Deal with it or be undone by it.  Turn off the noise, and don’t be afraid of the reality your soul desires to whisper.

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