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poppies marvia davidsonGiggles and joys.
Heavy heaves and soulful sighs.
Bright mornings and cool evenings.
Highs and lows with everything in between.
I am grateful for all these things.

I think what has come was born from the broken places.
Where weeds once sprouted, I now find flowers.
Where dirt and earth once refused to give away,
I now find softened under my feet.

Grace has kept me.
Love has led me.
Hope has lifted me.

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Mess {It’s Beautiful}

no tame life marvia davidsonIt’s Five Minute Friday, and today’s word is “Mess.”  How fitting a word for a time like this! There are competing passions, competing ideas, competing relationships, competing emotions, competing hopes.  They refused to be tied up in a pretty, neat, little, ribbon-wrapped boxed of delight.  Nope.  Not these things.  You cannot always tame the competing things of life and living.
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In Honor of International Women’s Day – Spiritual Midwives


Today I find community in an unexpected place.  I find the birth of the real and authentic me in an unexpected place.  It is not in the physical realm because it was not born there.  It was born in the heart of a very brave woman whose own dream was set on fire.  Those flames have since ignited several burning embers amid a community of diverse women.  Women who, perhaps, once thought themselves irrelevant, voiceless, ashamed, shy, or fearful, and I was one of them – but not anymore.  Though I’ve been writing for a while, this is the year I’ve really been breaking out of the shell thanks to other blogger, women of faith, and my first synchroblog participation as inspired by Sarah BesseyContinue reading In Honor of International Women’s Day – Spiritual Midwives