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Sometimes I fear {Thoughtful Thursday}


peace promise marvia davidsonSometimes the words we write carry eternal weight.  So today I’m sharing words I’ve written before because the message was timely five years ago; and it’s still relevant today.

There’s been frenzied-frantic-freak-out talk these last few weeks about the world, the economy, and life in general. I’ve been thinking how it’s so easy to get caught up in the storms raging around us that we lose sight of who and what is most important to us.

Government can’t solve our problems. People can’t solve all problems. They’re fickle and finite, and their efforts–at best are only temporal. Continue reading Sometimes I fear {Thoughtful Thursday}

Heart-Wrecking Words and Letting Go

“Who is this who darkens counsel 
by words without knowledge?  Now prepare yourself like a man; 
I will question you, and you shall answer Me.” Job 38:2 (NLT 341)

Copr. Jennifer Upton
Copr. Jennifer Upton

Heart-wrecking words spoken by God to Job after Job lost his children and his fortune.  Job spoke harshly of his circumstances, but he refused to curse God.  Only Elihu spoke of God’s goodness, justice, mercy, and grace.  Even what Elihu spoke, in chapters 32-37, to Job was prophetic in what came when God showed up face-to-face with Job. Continue reading Heart-Wrecking Words and Letting Go

Invest in Your Life

The moment you decide to invest in yourself, like for real for real, is the moment the floodgates open; and that thing you were always designed to do flows out of you like a mighty, rushing river.  You can’t stop it now.  You get caught up in it.  You get caught in the undertow.

possibility by marvia davidson 2012

You learn to relax rather than flailing about.  You learn to swim in it.  You learn its ebb and flow.  You learn where danger lurks.  You see where hidden beauty lies.  You learn to plumb the depths. You learn to rise above the water line. You learn to navigate to the shore.  You learn how to dive back in again and again.

Continue reading Invest in Your Life

Owning It – Just be real

Guess I really am writing a book now.  I just admitted and acknowledged it before another human being who was neither a friend nor a family member.  It was the barista at a local coffee shop.  She actually asked me what I was studying.  Score one for looking younger than I really am!  But, I digress.  I told her I wasn’t studying.

“I used to be a teacher. And now I’m not teaching.  I’m working on a book.”  Yup.  There they were hanging in the air.  Words strung together inciting ownership and angst.  I had just admitted to another soul why I was there at the coffee shop.  There was no denying I said it.  It was too late.  I couldn’t believe I spilled the beans and almost without hesitation.  Her response? “Oh really, that’s cool.  What’s it going to be about?” I was nearly dumbfounded.

Getting Ready to Write by Marvia Davidson
Getting Ready to Write by Marvia Davidson

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