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Real Talk Tuesday {Breaking Shame}

Shame.  Sreal talk marvia davidsonuch a hideous word.  I inwardly snarled when I heard shame could be a good thing.  Are you kidding me!  Shame is a merciless mercenary bent on our destruction, but guess what beloved?  We don’t have to take it. In this first Real Talk Tuesday Link Up, we’re talking about shame.  Yes, we are breaking shame.  We don’t have to give it power in our lives any more. Continue reading Real Talk Tuesday {Breaking Shame}

Sitting in the Pain

broken pieces mdavidsonIt’s been a while I know.  Let’s just say I’m working through some things.  Perhaps I will write about them later, for now, I’m writing a valley of compost.  Some of it will be seen. Some of it will be heard.  Some of it will be tucked away in the folds of my heart, for my soul alone.  Today, I want to give you a brief update on how my one word is going.

I had my word, intentional, before the year began.  I didn’t pray about it.  I didn’t really mull it over.  It just came to me.  I needed that kind of grace.  I like the word intentional, but does it ever come with a commitment I didn’t see coming.  Continue reading Sitting in the Pain

Art Everyday Month Day 3

psalm marvia davidosnAssault Art – What does God do when His children are assaulted? He comes quickly to their aide!

My pastor’s been doing a teaching series called Free Indeed. Each message has been good…very good. Today’s message was no exception. It is about giving and closing doors to the enemy – the devil. Short of a long story is this – we bring our tithe to God because it belongs to Him. All we have is His, and we bring him our best first fruits.

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A Different Revelation

originally written in 2008

A couple of months ago, I had a revelation. Something my mother said made perfect sense; “unwrap yourself from yourself, and wrap yourself around Jesus.”

We, if we are Christ followers, are meant and made to be attached “in” the Vine called Christ. He’s the Vine, and we are the branches. This is where we live, move, and have our being—Acts 17:28. Like tree planted by the water are we—to grow up before Him—not crooked or twisted. We are to be straightened with arms outstretched ever reaching to God; yet something horribly bad can happen when our eyes are averted from the Lord. We begin the “navel-gazing,” and our roots become dislodged from God—they turn in on us; and they begin to strangle us, twisting and contorting.

leaf inside spider web jennifer upton 2012

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