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A Soft Place to Land {Five Minute Friday}

I wish for a soft place to land
A home in which embrace is common
And despair is driven to the ground
With the stake of hope

I wish for open arms welcoming
The whole of this human essence
Whimsical, musical, ardent, passionate
And sometimes afraid.

Photo by Jennifer Upton
Photo by Jennifer Upton

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Mess {It’s Beautiful}

no tame life marvia davidsonIt’s Five Minute Friday, and today’s word is “Mess.”  How fitting a word for a time like this! There are competing passions, competing ideas, competing relationships, competing emotions, competing hopes.  They refused to be tied up in a pretty, neat, little, ribbon-wrapped boxed of delight.  Nope.  Not these things.  You cannot always tame the competing things of life and living.
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Writer Words

acceptance marvia davidsonWords. Splatters of phrases mixed with heart, healing, emotion, fire, pain, solace, and the Divine. Words.

They matter. I love words. I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I think I began my first journal somewhere around the age of 15. To be honest, I wrote songs first. I could hear soaring melodies and dissonant harmonies in my head. Words joined themselves together like arms linking one to another. Continue reading Writer Words

Five Minute Friday:: She

She is a woman of worth and power.  Beautiful and precious are the dreams she carries deep in her soul.  Her presence is delightful.  Her smile is uplifting.  Her hands are healing. She is an image of all that is purposed and lovely.

Maybe you’re wondering who she is.  Where does she get such pizzazz? Maybe you considered mimicking her ways. Perhaps you’ve even desired to be just like her.

A BeautyThe funny thing is that it’s already true.  She is you.  You are she.   You are a woman of worth, value, and indomitable spirit.  Grace and truth shine through you.  Gold dust is what you leave everywhere you go.  Somehow, you make this world lovelier by simply being you.

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