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Truth for Today

i hear you marvia davidsonLife is often crazy. I have found that though I should pray more during these times, I usually don’t. I might barely offer up the “emergency toss up prayer” and go on about the business of living; but this is not living the abundant life in Christ.

God cares about the every-day-ordinary-mundane events of our lives. Nothing gets past Him, and nothing goes unnoticed; so it would make sense then to tell Him everything; but I don’t always do that. Continue reading Truth for Today

The Woman Bleeding

Jesus the Healer
Jesus the Healer

At once Jesus realized that power had gone out from him. He turned around in the crowd and asked, “Who touched my clothes?” Mark 5:30

Know what I love about this story – the woman, with a constant 12 year bleeding issue, who reached out touch the hem of Jesus’ robe? The women was bold in her faith. She took such a risk to move into the presence of Christ. She had been an outcast, one unclean. She’d been cut off from community and connection. She had been separated from family and friends, but that day she took a risk.

She would see Jesus. Touching the hem of His garment she believed, “if just touch the gem of his garment” and instant healing came. The bleeding ceased but so too did the disease of isolation. Wholeness came that very day.

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Holding On

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There is a moment in life where we question everything. Doubts begin to rise. Our faith begins to falter. We wonder did we get it wrong. How is it possible for life to keep going but to feel fixed in time, stuck in the same place with no advancing movement? Maybe you’ve felt it too.

Perhaps it is the season. Emotions run high, low, and everywhere in between. We are faced with yet another ending. The year has run its course again. We are left holding on a flimsy, hole-poked bag of “all we had to give.” Life demands more. It keeps asking. It does not relent. We may even feel we have nothing left to offer.

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Beauty from the Ashes and Some Wild Goslings

Wild Goslings by Brandy Walker
Wild Goslings by Brandy Walker

Beauty from the ashes.  The prophet Isaiah spoke of this in the Old Testament of the bible, and it still rings true today.  There have been many times in my life when I thought I was done, out, down for the count, or disqualified.  It’s a good thing I am not the sole judge over my life or the potential rumbling and bumbling within my soul.

These last few months have been arduous, frustrating, difficult, and mind-boggling.  At the same time, I have found a beautiful grace that I cannot account for other than it has been the hand of God moving in the midst of a messy life.  Enter writing, loss, meeting BrandyGlows, Wild Goslings, and doing more than I could have thought or imagined.

I want to tell you why I am excited about the upcoming book: Wild Goslings: Engaging with Kids in the Mystery of God.

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Declaration of Hope, of Restoration, of Refocusing on the One Thing

Psalms Journey Reflection on Psalm 63

God is near.  He is always near.  Closer than the air we breathe.  He never leaves our side, and yet we doubt.  A river of disbelief streams through our veins because of the violent upheaval taking place in our lives.  We forget.  We don’t remember.  In the moment of crisis, our faith falters and we question the infiniteness of this God we believe but cannot see.  Still … He is present.

God's Heartbeat by Marvia Davidson
God’s Heartbeat by Marvia Davidson

Eyes turning, turning, turning back to the One: back to unseen hope.  In swift moments we are reminded that God is still faithful.  I think of the life of King David and ponder how he ever made it.  How did He keep declaring the goodness of God when a madman sought to take his life?  How did he maintain deep faith when he lost is first born son?  How did He cling to God when his family was falling apart – sons betraying him and killing one another, a daughter raped and no immediate justice?  I don’t know that I would have been able to praise God in those storms.  I don’t know that my heart would have survived the brutal heartaches or betrayals.  I think maybe I would have fallen to despair, but that’s where David and I differ. Continue reading Declaration of Hope, of Restoration, of Refocusing on the One Thing