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An Unconventional Love Letter {Real Talk Tuesday}

by Jennifer Upton
by Jennifer Upton

If kindness is currency for the heart, then love letters are gold for the soul.  In this week’s Real Talk Tuesday Link Up our theme is #LoveLetters.  My love letter is a bit unconventional, however, it is a letter of hope, of restoration, of truth, of healing, and of love for the here and now.

“If i like a moment, i don’t like to have the distraction, so i stay in it” 

dear heart,

in mending the soul, we learn to face the truth about our abuse.  it is hard.  life sucks.  brokenness.  pain, violence, and not having a voice all suck.  just being real here, but when you’ve suffered abuse of any kind, that last thing you naturally want to do is face the dissonance of truth.  even if that truth will set you free. there is a chord within that finds the entire process counter intuitive. Continue reading An Unconventional Love Letter {Real Talk Tuesday}

I Miss God …

A Shield
A Shield

A friend’s mother passed away this week.  While many of us celebrate life, another soul has passed into the next life beyond.  As I read her page, a post caught my eye.  In it, a young man sang a capella classic hymns.  It was “Be Thou My Vision”.   I suppose it was the line “I ever with Thee and Thou with me, Lord” that struck me unexpectedly.  And then I immediately knew without speaking.  I listened, and then I wept.  Tears fell because I miss God.

I really do.  I was so close.  So very close.  I could hear Him.  I could feel Him.  He just was – ever present.  With me in the ebb and flow.  Guiding my steps through dark valleys.  Close.   Very close.

I hear the refrain – Be Thou My Vision – and it pierces my soul … “Heart of my own heart, whatever befall, Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all.”

Continue reading I Miss God …