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Hmmm. A new thought occurs to me.  Sometimes you must crash head on into yourself, feel the pain, work through ‪healing from bumps and bruises and scrapes in order to be you – in order to get healed and whole.

Maybe that heavy duty protective bumper needed to get torn off – wretched to smithereens n order for u to find the real, hidden you.

Maybe now u can’t hide. Maybe now there’s no protective ‪barrier between u & the world. Now it’s real. Now we see you’re one of us. ‪Refreshing

No one here will point the finger. Who’s gonna cast the first stone? I only hear the rocks falling, falling to the ground – one by one. There’s no accuser here. ‪Redeemed

Your engine’s showing. The heart of you – yes we can see it now. We hear now a soft beating, though faint, growing stronger – your ‪heart beat. Who knew it was do strong! We needed to hear it. It is a ‪beautiful sound. Rev it up.


Copyright 2013 Marvia P Davidson

If You’re Not from El Paso…

If you’re not from El Paso,

You don’t know what’s colorful

You’ve never seen colorful


When wanderers pass through our desert lands

They all view our poppy filled mountain,

They all respond in shock

“It’s brown and ugly.”  They can’t really see

The bright yellow, sunshine hue in plain view

If you’re not from El Paso

You don’t know what’s colorful