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Art Everyday – Day 17

treasure marvia davidson

Art does not happen fast. There is not much about it that’s instant. Sure the idea sparks and creativity is ignited, but the finished work takes time.

This is my beginning piece. There’s more I want to do with it, but it will remain as it is.

I need time to think about what I want to do with it.  You can do so many things when the art is in your own hands, not stuck on some wall, and you give it space to breathe.

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Art Everyday Month – Day 13

The Start
The Start


The Process

Art reflects the realities of living out the everyday, ordinary mundane. Art is not instant. It is a labor-intensive process of forming something from nothing. It is lines, creases, wrinkles, textures, colors, and erasures. For me art is also revision, editing, and ceasing for a moment to survey the birth of an idea.

Sometimes art is the whisper of abandon. It is the silence of the undone. It is the sudden realization that we cannot finish as we might have planned.

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Art Everyday Month – Day 2

My Creative Kitchen … Welcome home.

bakers delight marvia davidson
Bakers Delight

Art isn’t just what’s on the painted canvas and bent steel bars wickedly wrapped in all kinds of crazy contortions.  Artists and creatives exist and operate in diverse communities, spaces, and places.

Take for instance the magic we make in the kitchen.  Simple ingredients like butter, flour, sugar, and eggs can become masterpieces in our hands.  Baking is an art and a most tasty craft. Lets Eat errr Read More