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Breathing in, Breathing Out

Photo by Jennifer Upton
Photo by Jennifer Upton

Do you feel that breeze?
A quiet hush of the holy warms upon my cheeks
Embracing the soul in welcoming comfort
Feel that?
The sense of all-consuming peace, swaying
Rests heavy on my brow.
I’m breathing in
Breathing out.

Do you see it?
There is a brightness
Penetrating woeful darkness
Pointing me again to truth
A vibrant sword of yellow-white flickering
With specks of glory dust
See it?
The sense of calm
Rests softly on my bosom.
I’m breathing in
Breathing out

Do you hear that song?
A sacred melody soaring higher
Pulls this heart to the center of wholeness
Hear it?
The sense of softly falling rain
Gently washing away the chaos stain
Rests lightly on my soul
I’m breathing in
Breathing out
cloud light marvia davidson
Do you smell this perfumed renewal?
An incense of feeble prayers mixed with the
Rain-washed sorrows of rose
And the memory of myrrh
Smell it?
The sense of love no longer entombed
But now a fragrant freedom offering
I’m breathing in
Breathing out

Do you taste joyful bloom of spring?
A velvet honey-sweet of brokenness
Shooting up from the solemn ground
Taste it?
The sense of hope a nimble lavender sugar enveloping
Every fiber of my being
I’m breathing in
Breathing out
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Zumba, Community, and Advent

People Hands by Jennifer Upton
People Hands by Jennifer Upton

I’ve never been one for large crowds or storms of people.  To be honest I prefer solitude, aloneness, and simply being still.  While solitary adventures can be healthy, there comes a point where we realize we need connection beyond our own personal company.

We were made to belong – not just to ourselves, but also to our fellow humanity. We were made for community and connection.  It provides space for us to walk into the story of other souls.  It provides opportunity to ear without judgment and to offer a shoulder.  It gives us a chance to see beyond our own lives.  Community matters. Continue reading Zumba, Community, and Advent

Demanding Notice

So Much Social
So Much Social

We live in a world constantly screaming me, me, me. Forcing our hands in the competitive air, we demand to be seen. We demand to be heard. We demand to be noticed.  We demand.

The air is noisy – filled with the roaring hum of egos that refuse to be silent.  They assert their souls across our boundaries line making us doubt our own sanity and purpose.

A quiet must come.

A stillness must reign.

Continue reading Demanding Notice

The Real Following

Social media has grown in exponential popularity within recent years.  One has only to log in to any number of sites to find millions of users with thousands of followers – Twitter included.  Click a button, and all of a sudden you have followers.  Click again and you can unfollow to your hearts content.  My Twitter following has grown quickly in the last couple of weeks.  I don’t even want to begin to try and figure out why.

Reflection On Floor-Photo By Jennifer Upton
Reflection On Floor-Photo By Jennifer Upton

The thought struck me tonight though: One thousand plus followers, but how many do I really know?  Do I need to know them?  They matter, but let’s be real here.  I can’t engage with a 1,000 people and keep my sense of sanity, authenticity and autonomy; or can I?  That’s a whole lot of friendship building for which I may feel ill-equipped.  I’m not expecting to “make” friends on Twitter; but it does provide me with an amazing opportunity to learn from diverse people.  It provides a common space where there are not geographical divides.  Continue reading The Real Following