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Beauty from the Ashes and Some Wild Goslings

Wild Goslings by Brandy Walker
Wild Goslings by Brandy Walker

Beauty from the ashes.  The prophet Isaiah spoke of this in the Old Testament of the bible, and it still rings true today.  There have been many times in my life when I thought I was done, out, down for the count, or disqualified.  It’s a good thing I am not the sole judge over my life or the potential rumbling and bumbling within my soul.

These last few months have been arduous, frustrating, difficult, and mind-boggling.  At the same time, I have found a beautiful grace that I cannot account for other than it has been the hand of God moving in the midst of a messy life.  Enter writing, loss, meeting BrandyGlows, Wild Goslings, and doing more than I could have thought or imagined.

I want to tell you why I am excited about the upcoming book: Wild Goslings: Engaging with Kids in the Mystery of God.

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