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Art Everyday – Day 16


Life can be full of surprises in the everyday ordinary mundane.  You go about your business running errands, driving around, stop and go, and hardly a moment to relax.  Weekends can sometimes be that way.  But sometimes the vibrant life of living things interjects.

Surprises present themselves when you stop and smell the roses.


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Art Everyday Month Day 3

psalm marvia davidosnAssault Art – What does God do when His children are assaulted? He comes quickly to their aide!

My pastor’s been doing a teaching series called Free Indeed. Each message has been good…very good. Today’s message was no exception. It is about giving and closing doors to the enemy – the devil. Short of a long story is this – we bring our tithe to God because it belongs to Him. All we have is His, and we bring him our best first fruits.

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