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Art Everyday – Day 20

The Message Remains
The Message Remains


I create art with my words. It’s what I enjoy doing. And while I love the process of creating and writing, I find myself at the corner of there’s-so-much-more-I-could-do and solitude’s whispers.

There is a call for solace and stepping back. Maybe you’ve been hearing it too.

I think good art often requires a break – space to inhale deep and exhale slow. We were not made for constant go-go-go. We were made for rest too. The artist’s hands may repose, but that doesn’t mean the creating is over. It is simply the acknowledgement that more will come if I choose to press in to the soul’s desire for respite. I like that kind of journey.

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Art Everyday – Day 17

treasure marvia davidson

Art does not happen fast. There is not much about it that’s instant. Sure the idea sparks and creativity is ignited, but the finished work takes time.

This is my beginning piece. There’s more I want to do with it, but it will remain as it is.

I need time to think about what I want to do with it.  You can do so many things when the art is in your own hands, not stuck on some wall, and you give it space to breathe.

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Art Everyday – Day 16


Life can be full of surprises in the everyday ordinary mundane.  You go about your business running errands, driving around, stop and go, and hardly a moment to relax.  Weekends can sometimes be that way.  But sometimes the vibrant life of living things interjects.

Surprises present themselves when you stop and smell the roses.


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