Reflections on Exodus

The Lord has provided.  He provides our daily bread  The 7th day is for rest.  A Sabbath.  On the 6th day you gather enough for two days.  You didn’t go our and try to get extra on day 7 as though God’s provision were not enough.  God has provided more than enough.  He wants us to rest.  We don’t always need to toil laboriously.  In this right-now-moment God has seen fit to provide for you in unlikely places from unlikely circumstances.  See that God is good.  His provision is always enough.

My prayer for me and you… God confirm your Word spoken to our hearts.  Thank you for providing our daily bread.  Lord, keep us ever close to your heart.



Exodus 19-20

Think about it.  What is the Egypt God has brought you out of?

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