Psalm 67 A Calming Balm

Bless Us
Bless Us


The Psalms are one of my favorite books in the bible.  I read them and find hope.  I contemplate them and find peace.  I speak them and recall promise.  Psalm 67 reminds me of the benevolent love of God.  We have the opportunity to participate in the display of His goodness – a witness, lives point upward. The writer of this psalm encourages to the reader to praise, praise, praise.  It shows the world how good God is.


We live in a crunch-time, hustle-bustle, no-time-to-rest world.  Things are moving fast, and there’s rarely down time. I read this psalm, and my heart pauses.  Today I think of Shalom – nothing missing and nothing broken.  I think of the call to be still when I read these words.  This is a psalm that bids one to quietly reflect.  That reflection is a calm, soothing balm.

For today, I offer found poetry and a prayer.

God be gracious.

Bless us.

Shine upon us.

Praise you.

Be glad.

Sing for joy.

You judge with equity.

Guide the peoples.

Let all the peoples praise.

God shall bless us.

Be encouraged.  You are not alone.  God offers a peace that passes understanding.  May your hearts be shrouded in grace.  May your soul comprehend the depths of God’s love.  Do not be troubled, God is a righteous judge, and you can trust Him.  His power is one that saves.  Our blessing and praise of Him makes Him known in the earth.

Dear one, beloved of God; be glad.  Take courage.  His face shines on you.  It is a radiating love that will never leave you.  In the stillness, may your heart rise to sing, God, be praised.

Linking up with Stephanie Spencer for Psalms Journey this week. Come join the reflections and discussions.

2 thoughts on “Psalm 67 A Calming Balm”

  1. Nothing missing, nothing broken – shalom. A comforting balm. These are all words I love hearing… just the sound alone is a calming bond. I love the Psalms!

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