So is this what the thirties are about? If so, it stinks—totally stinks. I know they say life is what you make it, but this is just ridiculous. I remember a show from way back called thirtysomething. Can they bring that show back? I want to know how they did it—live their lives and got through. It’s like some huge and crazy disconnect in this decade. Oh I remember the twenties—good times, but these thirties seem to have a life of their own that’s just not cooperating with me. And perhaps this is the age group that people forget about. Why is that? Unless you’re married with kids and getting hitched, it’s a pretty boring span of time. Of course, I am only in my mid-thirties. Did I just admit that in writing? Oh well, it’s true. Soon I’ll be halfway to forty, and that’s just plain wrong.

Something for me to consider is that life really is what you choose to do with it. Passivity will yield continually to the same old insane results, but forward movement ensures production, maturity, and growth. I could have a pity party, but that solves nothing. I need resolution. So here it is…I resolve to live with purpose, meaning, and most of all—passion. I resolve to simply ‘be.’ I resolve to live, move, and have my being in the One. I resolve to listen for the Voice of the Shepherd and deny power to the voice of the evil one who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. So can you. We were made for so much more the mere mundane, lifeless living. Let’s allow our lives show the glory of the One in whatever way seems best to Him. Let us hold on to the confession of our faith without wavering and without faltering. He who called is ever faithful, just, and true. Beloved, you were made for Him and He loves you and desires intimate relationship with you.

So there is 30. It’s not about the number—it never was and never will be. It’s about what I do with the years I have been granted. I want to have something to show for them when my life is done and I have gone to be with the One. To the King and to His Kingdom.

A Little Something to Consider

It only takes a moment to notice.  Something.  Little, tiny, miniscule, unimportant.  There are so many things we take for granted in life.  Today, I want to reconsider.  I want to reconsider how I live my life.  I want to reconsider the idea that my life revolves around me.  In the grand scheme of things, I am part of something much greater and bigger than myself.  Reassuring.  A second chance to take care of the small things before they become large things.  A moment to stop and smell the roses—to even realize that there are myriads of other flowers awaiting my attention.  A time to look beyond the rose tinted lenses.  A time to look at what really matters and be apart of the big picture the expands beyond my simply life.


So I welcome all who read to ponder, to rethink, to delve deep.  Here is something to consider….

Thoughts on living by just being authentically you – that is the driving impulse of humanity…