On Knowing Your Purpose by Knowing Yourself

In January 2013, I took a bold step and joined a writing movement, Story101, with Elora Nicole.  I had many misgivings and trepidations about doing so.  Did my voice matter?  Did my words matter?  Would anyone read?  Would anyone like what I wrote?  I nearly threw myself under the bus several times.  I almost talked myself of it, but my heart kept saying yes even while my mind objected.  Today, I can say without hesitation, I AM a writer – it’s not the only thing I do, but I joyfully own it as part of my “being.”

Today I’m over at Elora’s blog talking about being as it relates to knowing your purpose.  It seems funny to me now, but this, the writing and diving deeper and engaging with a wonderful, real, talented, and authentic community of women has changed that way I think about myself and the more intricate lines of what’s written on my heart.  So please, read, share, respond.  I’d love to know your stories of being and purpose too.

To know one’s self is so important on the life journey. 

To know your purpose is part of knowing your self.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Upton - Imagine Journal
Photo Credit: Jennifer Upton – Imagine Journal

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but this much I know is true.

I am who I am no matter what happens.

To know your purpose is good.  To know thyself is even better because that knowing becomes the power that drives your unique purpose into being.

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