Do you know where you’re going?  Missions statement help propel us toward our dreams.  They are wind in the sails of our lives.  Here’s mine.  And it’s okay that it’s a work in progress.

My mission in life is to be authentic in all I do.  I will do this by being a person of integrity and accountability.  I will seek activities that challenge me to do my best.  I will choose to believe I can overcome.  I will not second guess myself.  In order to continue reaching my goals, I will ask for help when I need it and remain teachable.   I will live a life that us humorous, original, and fearless.  I value momentum and truth because they keep me real and always pushing forward toward my dreams.  I will live each day with purpose and vision.  I will be known as a go-getter who is relentless is in the pursuit of my goals.  I will seek to understand and develop more critical thinking.  I will always be myself and stick to my principles.  I will cultivate an attitude of gratitude so that I can keep believing in the beauty of my dreams. 

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