I Want to Remember

sweet life marvia davidsonI want to remember Jesus the Christ
Blood and water trickling down
Hands and side intimately pierced
I want to remember His body broken
Riddled with pain for me

I want to remember the fragrance
Of His death because
It gave me sweetness of life

I want to remember His Word
Coursing through my veins
Fleshing out deep truth
Penetrating the root of my dark

Pulling me into His
Embrace of healing light

I want to remember His last breath
A heaving sigh resting on the earth
Between the veil
Breaking the chasm’s divide

I want to remember Jesus the Christ
A gift of redemption, of restoration
Of reconciliation

I, no longer on the outside
I, now invited
I, now belonging
I, now adopted
I, now ardently loved

I want to remember Jesus the Christ
I will give Him all of my life
This will be grace enough
More than enough

Linking up with Lisha Epperson for #GiveMeGrace.

4 thoughts on “I Want to Remember”

  1. The melodic flow of your words had me almost chanting the last few lines. Now invited now belonging, now adopted. So good Marvia! So good. Thank you for this beautiful offering.

  2. Your words cause me to remember with reverence. To reflect with heart and soul, to bow. Thank you Marvia. I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.

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