Compelling Love

The love of God compels us.  Pressing in even when we try to fight Him.  Run away.  Scream that we’re used to rejection and to leave us be.

But…still…He pursues.  Love.  He pursues us to the deepest deep and highest heights.  We make Him prove Himself time and again.  Tantrums we throw, but He, He does not turn away.  Still…He pursues.

Changing our hearts toward love and grace, He pursues.

His response is always invitational.  Come…come to Love.  Come to forgiveness.  Come to grace.  Come and believe.

Do Him the honor of receiving the Invitation.  He is not selling us a bill of good.  It is Hi nature.  Love motivates Him.  God’s desire is for you.  Stop fighting.  Stop running.  Stop wrestling.  Rest…come to Love.

He is the calm in the storm raging all around us.  With Him there is always a new beginning.  It is not very much to love Him.  The love of God compels us.

Love is calling out to you….Come.

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