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Thoughts on Crazy Times

loose words marvia davidsonThere seems to be a lot of strife in our world today. It’s almost like a disease that cannot be cured. We codify.  We use our words as manipulative  tools to twist truth, morality, reality, and spirituality.  Since when did we all have to agree or always see eye to eye? When did we cease to have civil discourse, an invitation to calmly converse?

Rhetorical questions? Maybe they are, but these are things I’ve been pondering since the “fiasco” last week with an organization that helps bring needed support to children worldwide.

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Making the Space – Own Your Dream

what dreams may come marvia davidsonFire.  Passion.  Hope.  Momentum.  Dreams have this kind of spark.

Have you ever had a dream burning in your heart?  It’s flames consuming your every waking moment.  It won’t leave you alone.  It won’t let you go.  It wants you to stop what you’re doing right now and take notice.

This is your life.  It is screaming from the rafters.  Its voice is ripped, swollen, and bloody from every attempt to catch your ear.

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An App Can Do That?

Voice Matters

I recently stumbled upon a not so new app called Voxer. It’s a walkie talkie app for smart phones. Well, let’s just say its worth the download. While I know it’s just an app, it poignantly reminded me of the power of hearing the human voice.

There is something magical to hearing a voice and matching it to a face that settles the heart and encourages the soul. Voice does so much for us. It calms, reminds, steadies, edifies, and connects.

I think of the psalmist and how often the refrain was “God heard” my voice. Well,The Lord heard my voice. We hear you. I hear you.

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Five Minute Friday:: She

She is a woman of worth and power.  Beautiful and precious are the dreams she carries deep in her soul.  Her presence is delightful.  Her smile is uplifting.  Her hands are healing. She is an image of all that is purposed and lovely.

Maybe you’re wondering who she is.  Where does she get such pizzazz? Maybe you considered mimicking her ways. Perhaps you’ve even desired to be just like her.

A BeautyThe funny thing is that it’s already true.  She is you.  You are she.   You are a woman of worth, value, and indomitable spirit.  Grace and truth shine through you.  Gold dust is what you leave everywhere you go.  Somehow, you make this world lovelier by simply being you.

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Five Minute Friday:: Last

Bubbling Heart
Bubbling Heart


It doesn’t seem like a loaded word, but for me “last” is coming in fast and quick. It’s been loaded with goodness, grace, redefining, and purifying. My thoughts about my life being last have changed. My thoughts about dreams being last have changed. My thoughts on making my goals last have changed. They are no longer last. They are no longer ignored as though they didn’t matter. Continue reading Five Minute Friday:: Last