broken, broken
we are all so broken
words flinging
mud slinging
defining what we
want of our own religion
broken, broken
we are all so broken
word contorting

they wanted a god
in their own image
it destroyed them
broken, broken
are are so like them

wheat and tares
He knows
the Word’s been spoken
come up together
grow among them
the holy, the broken
the defiled are spoken

and you?
you choose
Whom will you serve
though broken, broken
Have mercy, O God
Have mercy

hope is rising
Life is springing
Despite these ashes
broken, broken
we are all so broken
He is redeeming
Hearts restoring

and you?
you choose
wholeness and freedom
no longer broken
when story is spoken

4 thoughts on “Broken”

    1. Grateful for redemption myself, but very aware of the brokenness I see. I like that phrase… “Hold the line” and to be fearless in it. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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