A Soft Place to Land {Five Minute Friday}

I wish for a soft place to land
A home in which embrace is common
And despair is driven to the ground
With the stake of hope

I wish for open arms welcoming
The whole of this human essence
Whimsical, musical, ardent, passionate
And sometimes afraid.

Photo by Jennifer Upton
Photo by Jennifer Upton

Can you see?
Peering through
A broken lens I once called safe
There is a shattering of lies
Leaving me vulnerable and restless
My soul calls, insisting to belong

I wish for ears to hear
And heads to nod in sacred agreement
What we have here is an impenetrable peace

I wish to undo the hurt that stays like
Stagnant rain
Reeking of bitterness, sorrow, and pain

Pull Up A Chair and Be Marvia Davidson

If I were to break free
To fly far away,
Still, would I belong?
Were I to run,
ducking my head firmly in the sand,
still would I belong?

Rising from the fire’s ashes
I ear the crackling echoes
“Come near, fear not, come near.”

Photo by Jennifer Upton
Photo by Jennifer Upton

I dare to hope
I dare to believe
I dare to risk
A soulful revolution
I will belong.

Photo by Jennifer Upton
Photo by Jennifer Upton

I wish for a tender place to land
A dwelling where my heart is home
And isolation is pierced to the ground
With the quickening blade of grace.


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