Art Everyday Month – Day 8


The sky is the limit.

Well, that’s just not true. Beyond the sky our eyes can see are galaxies expanding the universe. Why is it such a struggle for our finite minds to grasp just how much more we are capable of?

The reality today is that your dreams don’t have to keep you ground-bound. Let them lift you higher. Dream bigger. Sit for ideas. Allow your mind to wonder the art your life can create.

What is the legacy you will leave behind? What footprints will tell the story of the hard fought battles you waged to make the even the tiniest ideas a reality?

We need you. We want your story. What will you create now that will point others beyond the clouds in the atmosphere to the moon and beyond?

It’s art everyday month. So whatever your art…Engage now. Choose now. Live your truth – the one that refuses to be silent.

And the next time you even think about dreaming small, just remember the sky no longer limits the possibilities of what you can do.

There is a horizon made just for you.


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Art Everyday Month

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