Art Everyday Month Day 3

psalm marvia davidosnAssault Art – What does God do when His children are assaulted? He comes quickly to their aide!

My pastor’s been doing a teaching series called Free Indeed. Each message has been good…very good. Today’s message was no exception. It is about giving and closing doors to the enemy – the devil. Short of a long story is this – we bring our tithe to God because it belongs to Him. All we have is His, and we bring him our best first fruits.

So I’ve begun to do this again, but today there was the whisper of, “it’s not good enough, you owe God, and now you must go back and fix it.” That devil. He’s such a subtle trickster liar. But grace swept in when a sister prayed for me and warred for my peace. And peace did come. Then in the silence, God spoke.

In the quiet hush, I heard Him; “I am honored by you. You have honored me. You will see what I can do. You just keep honoring me and you will see what I can do. Beloved, I have been honored by you.” Those were all the words I needed to hear. Darkness was dispelled in that moment.  Grace upon grace He showered on me.

When you hear from God, He settles your soul. All is made right and well. He brings harmony to the chaos. He reminds you of truth and Whose you are.

In this art-everyday-month post today, I want to honor Artist God who speaks to the broken vessels of clay.

free indeed marvia davison

His words are all a masterpiece. His words create. His worlds build and edify. His words are enough. His words are transformative. His art is a treasure from the inside out. His worlds make beautiful things of from brittle, dusty chards.

The work God does is often imperceptible to the eye but wholly perceived by the heart and soul. So today, may your heart’s ear be inclined to hear the First Original Artist-Creator’s Voice beckoning you to step in a little closer, and come up a little higher.

This is His art. His is the kind of art that fills your being with satisfaction and belonging. It is the art meticulously woven as a tapestry of grace.

word marvia davidson

Today, where and when have you witnessed the Holy and Divine intersecting your life making lovely that which you believed was lifeless and condemned? Look. See with your own eyes, and wait for His still small voice to pierce your heart with healing truth.

Share your story too. I’d love to hear the miracle. And join the art everyday movement. You’ll find more artists crafting their everyday creative, and join the community.

Art Everyday Month

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    1. You’re such an encouraging soul. I never would have thought of it that way. Perhaps it is the grace of God – the overflow. I’m in it and living it totally unaware of how it looks to the spectator. You’re a treasure!

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