Art Everyday Month – Day 1

impending storm

Impending Storm (an Art Everyday Month Series)

I have some very good writing friends who constantly encourage me to write and dream. The majority of the time they aren’t even aware of the fire-sparks they ignite.

Team Family Online with Susan is one story sister who builds, dreams, and supports writers from a variety of backgrounds.  I am grateful to know her and her gentle encouragement to keep moving forward.  She’s the reason I’m taking on this challenge.  It’s not that I needed another challenge, but it’s one that feels just right.

So what’s the challenge?  To post daily art or pictures of whatever this heart of mine fancies for the next 30 days.

I can do that.  Post a picture, ponder, write, and post.  Easy-peasy.  It beats pounding my head against a wall trying to write a novel in 30 days.  I wasn’t really cut out for that anyway – though I did write my memoir that way.  As I begin the editing process of that book, I find reprieve in the solemn act of pondering the world through pictures.  I find solace in the clouds, the sunrise, the sunset, the leaves rustling their quiet song in the wind, and painted skies swirling in deviant colors.

Water views marvia davidson

Today I think about open waters in the Gulf Coast.  Impending storms threatened the beauty of the day, but standing on the edge of Corpus Christi Bay brought instant calm.  Sometimes the heart and soul needs a restful break from all the busyness of life.  I haven’t seen the ocean too many times in my life, but what I have seen has always left me breathlessly in awe.

Awe of my Creator.  Awe of my human finiteness.  Awe of the big, bold beauty in the nooks and crannies of the earth.  I love it.  And I really love that the vastness of the ocean reminds me how big God is.  He covers me, shelters me, loves me, keeps me, and draws me forward.  I know I’ll need His still small voice as I delve into writing, editing, and rewriting.  He’ll calm the raging doubts and surround this soul with grace.

ocean palms marvia davidson

So today, I am reminded of the calm in the natural things.  Sunshine, rain, wind, and cooling calm.  There may be an impending storm, but the threat of rain cannot darken the Light.  It cannot steal the joy.  It cannot silence with whisper of God’s ardently love.

Here’s to living well among the in between of grace and quiet moments.

Join the Art Everyday Month challenge here.  Get your creative spark on!

2 thoughts on “Art Everyday Month – Day 1”

  1. Marvia, you have given me such joy! There’s a phrase that arose from my heart in reading your article…. “Beauty dusts off the ashes.” I know the Bible says “beauty for ashes” is something God does, but I usually think of that as a finished product – a God-doing.

    The sense I have here is the actual process… a work-in-progress… as you’re gazing on the beautiful things, the dust is blowing off your soul and a fresh wind is blowing in and cleansing those places of your heart.

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