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Excuse Me While I Go Write My Novel

A dream is a wish your heart makes.  A goal is the vehicle that drives the dream to fruition.  So to all of you, don’t just dream – set that thing in motion.  Do what you need (for yourself, your heart, your spirit) to do to get your goal and dream accomplished.  Seek wisdom.  Get a support group.  Stay accountable.

Getting Ready to Write by Marvia Davidson
Getting Ready to Write by Marvia Davidson

Today I choose ME.  I choose to do that thing that I’ve been afraid to do.  Today I choose to use the voice the Shepherd gave me.  Today I choose my life.  Today I choose my story about His glory.  Today, yeah, Today is that day. Today I choose to lean in. So if you’ll please…

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A Story To Tell

Much like some of you, my time is precious to me. Between four children and a wife I don’t exactly have room in my life to “dilly dally” when it comes to getting any writing done. But I also have a story to tell and don’t feel I’ll be able to rest until its completed. So here are a few examples of how i get things done when I don’t always have time to get things done.

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Miles to Go…So Much to Be Done

So much to be done.  So much to be said.  So much to believe.  It is enough.  It is too much.  It is not enough.  It is more than the mind can encompass and She’s still got miles to go.

She’ll keep running.  She’ll keep moving forward.  She is only one of many.  She is a voice, peaking out from a hidden corner.  A whisper growing in the dark, “I’m here. Now what?”

Whisper she hears, “Forward and believe.”

Bright lights. Life sounds.  Incredible movement flowing here, there, and everywhere.  Create.  Space.  Space to create. The burden will not leave until it has spoken.  Then sits she here or there in the silence – waiting, waiting, waiting with miles still to go.

Outer branches hide the heart flurries.  No one sees the hidden depth.  No danger here as far as they can see.  She, in the shadow of the Wing, in the cleft of the Rock, is peaking from behind Him. “Is it okay to come out now?”  Peaking still from hidden corners.

Whispers she hears.  A song is sung that she’s heard over and over again.  So much to be done.  So much to be said.  Still so much to be and miles to go and go and go. “Forward and believe,” says He.

Rustling leaves.  Wind blows.  Dead things fall.  She is revealed.  One eye opened, the other squinting in reflex while whispers she hears, “come out, come out. It’s okay.”

One step forward.  Free falling.  She is not afraid.  Whirling and twirling in a fog of thoughts, out of bounds she is.  Whispers she hears.  Still His song, “stay with Me, stay.  I’ll catch you.” Miles to go she knows, but He here to hold her up with so much to be done, in her heart’s it’s been said.  She believes.  He is enough.



Owning It – Just be real

Guess I really am writing a book now.  I just admitted and acknowledged it before another human being who was neither a friend nor a family member.  It was the barista at a local coffee shop.  She actually asked me what I was studying.  Score one for looking younger than I really am!  But, I digress.  I told her I wasn’t studying.

“I used to be a teacher. And now I’m not teaching.  I’m working on a book.”  Yup.  There they were hanging in the air.  Words strung together inciting ownership and angst.  I had just admitted to another soul why I was there at the coffee shop.  There was no denying I said it.  It was too late.  I couldn’t believe I spilled the beans and almost without hesitation.  Her response? “Oh really, that’s cool.  What’s it going to be about?” I was nearly dumbfounded.

Getting Ready to Write by Marvia Davidson
Getting Ready to Write by Marvia Davidson

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