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Something of Worth {Thoughtful Thursday}

worth it marvia davidsonFind goodness in the everyday mundane. I think this where some of the best inspiration comes from – those unsung moments. You know the ones. They take you by surprise. They offer unexpected hope. They breathe into you and cause you to inhale a deep, cleansing breath. Sometimes we don’t have to look for the goodness. It just shows up. A sparkle of joy shines like a diamond in the rough of the day.

I found such beauty in the ordinary, everyday, mundane yesterday. It was a black wall, beginning to blossom with words of life, courage, and empowerment. A co-worker came and hustled three of us outside. She was so excited.

“I want you guys to come see something. It will inspire you. It will only take 5 minutes.”
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Making the Space – Own Your Dream

what dreams may come marvia davidsonFire.  Passion.  Hope.  Momentum.  Dreams have this kind of spark.

Have you ever had a dream burning in your heart?  It’s flames consuming your every waking moment.  It won’t leave you alone.  It won’t let you go.  It wants you to stop what you’re doing right now and take notice.

This is your life.  It is screaming from the rafters.  Its voice is ripped, swollen, and bloody from every attempt to catch your ear.

Now it is pounding.  Pounding louder.  It won’t go away.  It will not be silenced.  You even hear it getting closer. Continue reading Making the Space – Own Your Dream

Hidden Treasure in the Mess of Life

There have been times I have wondered how it would all play out.  How would the idiosyncrasies and mishaps of my life all fit together.  Sometimes I think this is beyond me.  Sometimes it’s just too much for my finite mind to comprehend, but I still try and get tired doing so.

Open Road

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Hmmm. A new thought occurs to me.  Sometimes you must crash head on into yourself, feel the pain, work through ‪healing from bumps and bruises and scrapes in order to be you – in order to get healed and whole.

Maybe that heavy duty protective bumper needed to get torn off – wretched to smithereens n order for u to find the real, hidden you.

Maybe now u can’t hide. Maybe now there’s no protective ‪barrier between u & the world. Now it’s real. Now we see you’re one of us. ‪Refreshing

No one here will point the finger. Who’s gonna cast the first stone? I only hear the rocks falling, falling to the ground – one by one. There’s no accuser here. ‪Redeemed

Your engine’s showing. The heart of you – yes we can see it now. We hear now a soft beating, though faint, growing stronger – your ‪heart beat. Who knew it was do strong! We needed to hear it. It is a ‪beautiful sound. Rev it up.


Copyright 2013 Marvia P Davidson

Living Life More Fully…

Permission to live your life is granted.

Your life is yours and belongs to no one but you.  You are accountable for your life.  Live your life without fear.  Live your life without regret.  Live your life without deferring to others.  Live your life in accordance to what you feel the Lord is leading you to do.  Trust that Jesus knows you—the want of your heart, the desires for your life.  Permission to live your life is in your own hands.

Take your life and live it.  Press play.  Stop hitting the pause button.  God has much good in store for you.  With God there is always more to come.  Always more to come is with Christ.  Live your life with boldness and without reservation.