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Sometimes I fear {Thoughtful Thursday}


peace promise marvia davidsonSometimes the words we write carry eternal weight.  So today I’m sharing words I’ve written before because the message was timely five years ago; and it’s still relevant today.

There’s been frenzied-frantic-freak-out talk these last few weeks about the world, the economy, and life in general. I’ve been thinking how it’s so easy to get caught up in the storms raging around us that we lose sight of who and what is most important to us.

Government can’t solve our problems. People can’t solve all problems. They’re fickle and finite, and their efforts–at best are only temporal. Continue reading Sometimes I fear {Thoughtful Thursday}

Writing Through the Pain

I am grateful for the women of the Story Sessions community.  We laugh.  We cry.  We celebrate.  More than anything, we write.  Today, I am honored to have my story sister, Katie Rutledge, sharing her story of pressing in to writing and living life fully.  Her words remind me to keep moving forward and to not give up.


krutledge for marvia davidsonTwo years ago, my world crumbled. The foundation I had trusted would always be there suddenly collapsed. I was left reeling and broken. I couldn’t even see a day into my future. I felt stuck, exhausted, and alone. Yet in the midst of that dark place God whispered that He was at work. He asked me to trust Him and to believe that He was at work even then, restoring all things.

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Faltering Faith

The Lord on high is mightier
Than the noise of many waters,
Than the mighty waves of the sea.
Psalm 93

shimmer marvia davidsonSometimes my faith is shaken, not rock solid.  Sometimes I forget my God and His mighty power at work in my life and the world around me.

He is still good.
He is still Sovereign.
He is still with me.

Sometimes, though, I forget.  I get caught up in the world, the turmoil, the brokenness.  My heart begins to beat faster.  Fear nearly swallows me whole.  Maybe you’ve been there too.

Life is going quite well.  In an instant you are overrun by thoughts of catastrophe, wicked ends, and insidious lies. Falling apart, restless, disgruntled, even perturbed you secretly wish to rail against God.  You want things to be better.  You can’t stand the evil, the injustice, or the fears.

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Why Are You Fearful?

Walk the Road
Walk the Road

So this is my year of intentional living. It means making each day matter, spending every ounce of a moment, and giving it everything I’ve got.

One word already feels stronger than a resolution. One word to describe what I want my life to look like in 2014 colors my perspective with hope. I like this.

It is empowering and encouraging. It is a divine whisper that will carry me through, move me forward, and remind me to live purposefully.

But there is a fear. It’s the idea of acting on the risk of launching a dream. It is stepping out in faith. I think today’s a good enough day to punch fear in the face and get to dreaming and building.

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